How valuable is your time – Hire a Mobile Detailing Company

When I was younger and full of energy I would actually change the oil in my car to save a few bucks. You know being a college student that money wasn’t exactly flowing and every five or ten bucks made a difference. Now that I’m older it’s very unlikely that I will change the oil in my car by myself. My time is much more valuable than the few bucks. I know I’m not alone, just look at all the oil changing companies on the corner in every city.

A good friend once told me he had a theory on why it seemed time sped up as he got older. His reasoning was that the amount of time left to live was less than amount of time he had to live earlier in his life, in other words the ratio had gone from being greater than half of his life span to less than half of his life span. That can sound kind of depressing if you are in the half where you have less than half.

So with all of these great new tools at our disposal we do have more free time. No longer are we spending time washing dishes by hand. And our cars are an incredible amount of technology all bundled up into something that we can really enjoy. Same goes for motorcycles and RVs. Some people actually like taking care of these possessions but I think most people would rather have somebody else do it for them. Most of us would rather be doing other things besides these types of tasks. So finding a really good mobile detail outfit can be a real plus. Ones that really know what they’re doing bring all of the equipment and cleaning materials with them. They are pretty fancy nowadays because they bring power tools and modern technology to do the buffing and the application of the different waxes and sealants.

Mobile Detailing
“Elektron vacuum cleaner 1916” by Cornelis Johan Hofker (1886-1936) [2] – [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –
I’m sure in my father’s day the thought of having a mobile detailer come to his house and clean his car was about as likely as the sun not rising tomorrow. But the results speak for themselves because these guys can do fantastic work. They know how to get all the crevices on the interior of the car cleaned by using compressed air. They know which chemicals to use to clean stains on the carpet in the car or blemishes in the paint. If your headlights are fogged over because of age where the plastic starts to haze they can buff that out with a compound and polish it so its like new.

Like the ad says it’s not your father’s Buick anymore. Sure it cost more money to have one of these auto detailing companies come to your house and perform the detailing service. But the results are far better typically then going to the corner carwash were doing it yourself. These guys do it all day long and have the right equipment so the job always comes out better if they know what they’re doing. Many of them use different kinds of car polish such as Maguire’s. They use

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A Story of Old and New With some Good Advice For All Time

Although they are both centuries apart, they are very close together. Close in the sense of poor decision-making as regards to moral cleanliness. They, Arthur Dimmesdale of Nathan Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Roman Polanski of 1977, both started out as figures in society that were held on high, as minister for Dimmesdale and a famous movie director for Polanski. Then, literally overnight, both of their lives changed forever, for the worse, as did the women they slept with. Arthur Dimmesdale, along with his mistress, Hester Prynne, went on to live lives of guilt as they had betrayed their community and families, in Hester’s case. After raping a 13-year-old girl, Roman had to flee the United States to avoid arrest, which is still held as a controversy to this day.

It is the 1650’s in a small Massachusetts colony. In this time period, most colonies are under a ‘theocracy,’ that is, a government ultimately ruled by God, but represented through ministers. Such a high position was one that Arthur Dimmesdale held, an individual that the townspeople highly respected and loved. Sometime later, in the mid-late 20th century, society is more or less ruled by entertainment, forming the spotlight for movie directors, not unlike Roman Polanski. Both characters, albeit with different occupations, nationality and time period, receive bountiful attention and respect, which is what caused their downfall to be noticeable.

One of those whom highly respected Arthur Dimmesdale was none other than Hester Prynne, a respectable Puritan lady who was wife to Roger Chillingworth, a physician. Although Hester was the one publically punished for her crime (Hawthorne, 51) and Dimmesdale hid his part of the sin, it was ultimately Dimmesdale whom suffered, since he lost

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Honorable Mention Amongst Apps

“Musée des arts et métiers – Corona typewriter” by Coyau / Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under GFDL via Commons –

Typing was a big deal back in the day when only typewriters existed. Those ancient mechanical devices with an ink ribbon were definitely clumsy machines by today’s standards. In those days secretaries were hired based upon how fast they could type, what their words per minute rate was. If I remember correctly the minimum was like 60 or 80 words per minute to be considered a satisfactory typist. In fact typing was actually a class that was offered in many schools as part of their curriculum as an elective. Typing definitely still has its place in our life because we sit in front of computers with a keyboard so many hours a day. I wish that I could type a lot faster than I do. I never did take one of those typing classes and I kind of regret it at this point.


But hold the horses, things have changed! With the latest modern technology and software, speech to text capabilities have gotten extremely accurate. So it may not be necessary for a person to type like they did in days past as our only option for inputting information either on paper or into a computer. Just visit any app store, for instance the Google Chrome store. Type in “speech to text” or “voice recognition” and you will get a lot of different pieces of software or applications that will convert speech into text. As a matter of fact this is very article is being written using

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Real Solutions The Older We Get

Does it get easier or does it get harder the older we get. I guess it really depends on how well you did in life. Life can certainly be very challenging to say the least. Especially when you consider that a large proportion of the people that live on this planet don’t even have enough to survive basically. Yet most of us go throughout our life not thinking too much about that. Perhaps it’s because there is really not much we can do about it. The truth is we can not solve this problem. We elect people, we have all sorts of governments but the problems continue. But we’re not without hope. This is not going to continue on indefinitely


It may be good to think about things outside of the box when it comes to human rulerships. When you think about it every single time of rulership has probably been tried more than one time at least. As a matter of fact there’s probably forms of rulership and government that we don’t even remember because they’re not practice today but they’ve been practiced many times in the past. Yet we still have the same old

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Is It As Good As We Think?

Technology is something that has been established in our everyday lives. It can be found in our homes, cars, and places of work, pockets, and now our wrist. Now we have watches that can make phone calls and send text messages. Now we really are living like the Jetsons. Pretty soon we are going to have cars that are self-driving!


Many often wonder if technology is having a negative impact on our society. That they are brainwashing us and will soon turn against mankind. It seems these people have been watching too many Terminator movies! But in all seriousness technology does have its positives and its negatives.


One of many positives that technology has had on our society would be the medical field. People are living longer than ever before. This is partly due to the advancement of technology. Doctors are able to perform better and more precise surgeries than ever before. Down to the microscopic level. Another area that technology has had a positive impact is in the workforce. After the 2008 recession many people lost their jobs and unemployment was at an all-time high. Thanks to mobile and other technology startups, many have been able to get jobs. The apps we have on our phones have been able to employ many individuals which contributes to a healthy economy. Speaking of apps, technology has played a big part in our entertainment. Our phones and tablets have played a big part in our lives. We can watch our favorite shows and movies anytime anywhere. We can book a service to remove a tree from a company such as this. Along with we can take our favorite music on the go with us.


Another aspect that technology has been

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